Top Ten Reasons to Adopt Sakai!

While every Sakai deployment is unique, there are common reasons why institutions choose to participate in the Sakai Project. If these things are important for your institution, Sakai may be right for you. 

With Sakai, you can:

  1. Deploy a complete system for learning, teaching, research and collaboration. The Sakai project provides a broad feature set you can use for courses, collaborative projects and research, including all the standard LMS capabilities you don’t want to live without.
  2. Support the kinds of learning and teaching you want to offer. Within a single platform, Sakai can support virtually any type of instructional approach or learning style, including elements of the educational experience that are unique to your institution. 
  3. Tap into global innovation in learning and teaching. Innovative developments from across the worldwide Sakai community come together to align the Sakai Project with where learning and teaching are heading in the future. 
  4. Customize the environment to your needs. The Sakai Project’s flexible, open design means you can change the look, feel, functionality and tools to make it work for your institution and the learning experiences your instructors and students want to create. 
  5. Engage with an open, creative, like-minded community. Powerful commitments to openness, transparency and new possibilities in technology-enabled learning are the hallmarks of the higher education community surrounding and producing Sakai.
  6. Control the technology. With the Sakai Project’s open source software, you always have access to the latest version to download, tweak, modify, integrate and otherwise optimize how it operates in your environment. 
  7. Choose among flexible deployment and support options. You can deploy Sakai on your own or opt for various levels of services, hosting and support from our Commercial Affiliates, depending on your needs and preferences.
  8. Achieve scalability without excessive per-user costs. Using Sakai, you can scale up your learning system to very large numbers or extend it to new populations, without concern for escalating licensing costs as you grow. 
  9. Join with 350+ leading institutions supporting millions of learners around the world. The Sakai project serves upwards of 1.25 million students in the U.S. and 4 million students globally. Sakai adopters include many of the world’s top-ranked colleges and universities contributing to the solution’s vision, roadmap and sustainable future. 
  10. Influence the future. Unlike commercial LMS alternatives, the Sakai project offers your institution both the opportunity and the responsibility to help shape the future direction of your learning system and how it will support teaching and learning in the future.