How Open Works: Sakai as a Solution and a Community

Sakai is developed and maintained by people who either work in, or serve the Higher Education sector. The community around Sakai works to make the environment more effective and better suited to the needs of their institutions. Community is central to the sustainability of Sakai.

Sakai is built, wherever possible, on common specifications and standards. By building Sakai in this way, we can ensure it integrates well with other software used on campus. Standards support also means flexibility, and the ability to plug in external tools. The open nature of Sakai means you don't have to take our word that we're standards conformant.

Coordinating community effort is a major effort. In Sakai, we spread the load. Sakai has a full-time Community Coordinator. It has an active Teaching and Learning Community. A Project Management Committee oversees key developments. Other groups work on accessibility, internationalization, documentation, and specific Sakai tools. We welcome new participants, and there are many ways to get involved.

The future of Sakai is in the hands of the community. The instructors, students, researchers and developers of Sakai, by intention, are the ones who chart it’s path. Come join us and change the future of education, for the better, for ourselves, for freedom, control, and community. For the greater good.

An Open, Community-Driven Solution 

As open source software, the Sakai code is freely available for anyone to download. It carries a license that grants users the right to deploy, modify and distribute the software at no cost and for any purpose. The Sakai is also considered “community source” software because much of the investment for producing the software comes from the contributions of institutional community members as well as individuals. Many colleges, universities and some commercial firms commit resources to help design, build, test and refine the software on an ongoing, voluntary basis. Support from the community lends stability and direction as community members identify priorities and shepherd product management over time.

Pathways to Adoption

Unlike most LMS alternatives, Sakai is a freely available, open source solution you can deploy, use and contribute to in many ways. You can download Sakai and set up your own installation at any time. Alternatively, you can contract with one of our Commercial Affiliates to help you plan, deploy, host and/or support the Sakai project for your institution.  

The links below provide more detailed information about the Sakai community, the Sakai project, and flexible options for adopting and deploying the solution. 

  • The Sakai Community: Learn more about the role of the community in designing, building, testing, supporting and improving the Sakai over time
  • Ways to Contribute: Explore the many ways you can participate in making the Sakai project even better, with or without a technical skill set
  • Licensing: Find out about Sakai’s open license and how it empowers adopters from the Apereo Foundation website
  • Deployment Options: Consider flexible options and financial considerations for deploying Sakai
  • Commercial Affiliates: Identify trusted partners who help you learn more about Sakai and help support a deployment designed to make your institution successful