One of the newest Sakai tools is called Lessons. The community came together to build this new tool after recieving feedback from educators that they needed a better way to organize their content. 

Lessons is a tool that allows an instructor to organize resources, activities, and media on a single page. You can have as many Lessons pages in your site as needed. Each Lessons page can be customized to suit the needs of the lesson, including links to other site tools, conditional release of items and content, student content pages, LTI tools, and more. With Lessons, instructors can organize the course by unit, module, week, topic, or any other grouping that makes sense for the site. Lessons allows you to organize and integrate course content into a single, streamlined page.

Nat Clymer, at Rutgers University, hosts a Photojournalism hybrid course using Sakai. He uses the Sakai Lessons tool to let students anonymously post their photographs and have their peers review them anonymously. The peer scores factor into each student's grade.

“I get the feeling that Lessons has drastically improved how professors organize content, which improves students' recognition and mental organization, but it's a weird concept to cram into a bullet.” - Art Bath, Office of Instructional and Research Technology, Rutgers


Many thanks to Duke University for allowing us to use the screenshot of their Sakai installation to showcase the Lessons tool.