When Thomas Jefferson designed the University of Virginia nearly two hundred years ago, he imagined it as an “academical village” in which students and faculty could come together to form a vibrant community of learning. With Sakai, Jefferson’s vision for education as a collective enterprise has been realized in ways even he could not have imagined.   

The brainchild of a new, virtual “academical village” of leading institutions located throughout the world, Sakai’s fully responsive user interface allows students and faculty to do outstanding work no matter where they are or what devices they’re using. Every location can become a classroom, and every moment can become a teaching and learning experience. Extensive updates and enhancements to the gradebook and course design tools ensure that essential tasks such as recording grades and accessing course content maximize users’ productivity instead of hindering it. And because Sakai continues to lead the way in the development and implementation of the LTI standard, there are no limits to how the village can grow through the addition of an ever-increasing number of third-party learning tools.

I like to think that Jefferson would be just as excited about working with Sakai as I am. 

Trisha Gordon 

Director of UVaCollab (Sakai) Applications

University of Virginia
Function of Sakai CLE: 
Learning Management