The Sakai Video Help Repository is a simple community repository of links pointing to "help videos." 

Videos will be minimally screened to remove from our database any inappropriate and irrelevant content.

To suggest videos to the community: The Sakai Video Repository Entry Form is the place to add links to Sakai help videos your institution has created and wants to share. To contribute, fill out the form. You will be asked what version of Sakai the video is demonstrating, how long it is, and other basic information that will help others discover your video. We do not accept video uploads, only links to videos.

Sakai Video Repository Entry Form 


To search for videos in the Sakai Video Help Repository: The Sakai Video Help Spreadsheet is the place to find help videos for Sakai. We have pre-created filters to quickly distinguish between videos created for Sakai 2.9, Sakai 10 or Sakai 11. In the future, as the repository grows and needs change, we can easily add more filters. Or you can add your own temporary filter to search for exactly what you need!

Sakai Video Help Spreadsheet 


Steps for finding a video:

Go to the spreadsheet

  1. Use the filter to help you more quickly find what you are looking for
  2. Click the link for the help video

To use the filters in the Sakai Video Help Database, simply select the filter. See example screenshot: