Research Collaboration

More than a learning system, the Sakai project is designed to support collaborative projects, including effective collaboration between academic researchers. Sakai provides a rich toolset for communication, collaboration and knowledge-sharing within a single environment. 

Academically-oriented, Extensible and Intuitive 
As a software suite developed by and for the higher education community, Sakai is well-suited to the unique needs of academic networks and collaboration across geographies, organizations and disciplines. Researchers can readily extend this environment to include additional tools and capabilities using standards-based integration approaches such as the IMS Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) standard. Because project collaboration sites are so easy to set up and operate within Sakai, many researchers establish and use project sites without requiring support from central IT services.

A Common Environment for Learning, Teaching and Research 
For many institutions, Sakai simplifies the digital ecosystem by providing a common environment for learning, teaching, academic research and other types of collaboration. Faculty members and students benefit when instruction and research take place within a familiar collaboration platform that encourages research-informed teaching. At the same time, Sakai’s open design reaffirms the freedom of choice for each institution to select the right tools and capabilities for its needs.   

  • Sakai Features and Functionality: Sakai provides versatile support for research and project-related communication, collaboration, and administration. 
  • Extending the Sakai project:  It’s easy to extend Sakai using contributed tools from the Sakai community or by integrating learning tools of choice using common industry standards.
  • Language Support: Sakai can be deployed in more than 20 languages, with language preference selectable at both the system and course/project site levels.
  • Sakai Stories: Organizations around the world are using the Sakai CLE to facilitate academic research and networking.
  • Who’s Using Sakai for Research Collaboration? Colleges, universities, research organizations and academic networks use Sakai for research and collaboration. 
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Sakai provides an excellent platform for research collaboration, within a department or across a continent.  At the University of Bath we use it for a number of projects within the Centre for Sustainable Chemical Technologies, including a large Centre for Doctoral Training and a European-wide Marie Curie Initial Training Network.  It gives us the flexibility to choose exactly the tools needed (file sharing, forums, wiki, etc.) to suit the working practices of each project team, and to control access to information on a fine-grained basis.

- Jez CopeAcademic Digital Technologist at the Centre for Sustainable Chemical Technologies (CSCT) at the University of Bath.

Research Collaboration Features


Maintain deadlines, activities and site related events


Engage in real-time conversations with site participants

Discussion Forum

Create moderate and manage discussion topics, groups and private messages

Drop Box

Share files privately with site participants


Create a profile and content with others using a social networking model


Post, store and organize material related to the site


Post current, time critical information to the site