Project Collaboration

Education is inherently a collaborative enterprise. Sakai can support virtually any project or activity that requires communication, collaboration and knowledge-sharing to achieve project goals effectively.

Project Collaboration 

Within Sakai, project work sites allow organizations and project teams to coordinate project administration, share resources, schedule activities, develop collaborative work products and track progress towards completion. These project collaboration spaces are commonly used by student groups, faculty committees, thesis committees, strategic planning teams, re-accreditation teams and others tasked with important projects beyond the classroom.

Members of the campus community appreciate how using Sakai as a common environment for learning, teaching and collaboration can reduce the administrative burden of learning to use yet another campus system. 

  • Sakai Features and Functionality: The Sakai project provides versatile support for project-related communication, collaboration, and administration 
  • Extending Sakai:  It’s easy to extend Sakai using contributed tools from the Sakai community or by integrating learning tools of choice using common industry standards.
  • Language Support: Sakai can be deployed in more than 20 languages, with language preference selectable at both the system and course/project site levels.
  • Sakai Stories: Organizations around the world use the Sakai project to facilitate project collaboration and team work 
  • Who’s Using Sakai for Project Collaboration? Committees, project teams and campus groups use Sakai to administer and coordinate collaboration across a wide spectrum of projects. 
  • Calendar

    Maintain deadlines, activities and site related events

  • Drop Box

    Share files privately with site participants

  • Profile 2

    Create a profile and content with others using a social networking model

  • Resources

    Post, store and organize material related to the site

  • Wiki

    Create and edit web content collaboratively

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