The Sakai community maintains partner relationships with a number of companies, called Commercial Affiliates, which provide commercial services and support for institutions using Sakai. Additionally, these partners represent a source of valuable funding and contributions for the community itself by supporting Sakai technology, development work and special programs.

Sakai’s Commercial Affiliates welcome the opportunity to help you understand the capabilities of the Sakai project, evaluate and confirm that it is a good option for your needs. Through these partners, a range of services is available, including:

  • Installation, deployment and support services
  • Hosting
  • Pilot program deployment
  • Integration with other systems, content and learning tools
  • Customizations and other custom development
  • Provision of learning tools and content that expand the value of Sakai as a learning platform

Sakai's Commercial Affiliates

Longsight Affiliate

Longsight will help you evaluate Sakai, install it on campus or host Sakai at one of our modern data centers with 100% reliability. We understand the business of education; we know what’s important to you. We’ll make the transition to Sakai smooth with comprehensive support, training, content migration, integration with campus services and more. Contact Longsight to learn how to get the most out of community source software – flexibility, control, reliability, cost savings and more.

OpenCollab Affiliate

OpenCollab is a Cape Town based, South African software development and consulting company. We promote open source systems and communities, and have been building, implementing and supporting higher education technology and enterprise applications for over a decade. A strategic commitment to the future of open source software and collaboration, combined with strong customer orientation, means we deliver scalable, enterprise-strength applications. We offer a full Sakai solution set, and are proud to be called the first Sakai Affiliate in Africa.

Unicon Affiliate

Unicon is a leading provider of IT consulting, services, and support for education technology, specializing in open source solutions. Unicon is one of the original Sakai Commercial Affiliates. Unicon’s services for Sakai include evaluation and mentoring; customization; integration; implementation planning; branding; installation and configuration; training; and support. Institutions and organizations seeking support can subscribe to Unicon's Open Source Support program for Sakai. To learn more about Unicon’s services for Sakai, please visit:

MPL Affiliate

MPL is an eLearning consultant company with more than 10 years of experience helping companies and academic market to implement successful eLearning projects. We provide custom development virtual content and off-the-shelf content. MPL implements and supports LMS platforms like Sakai, making faster and easier to expand the virtual learning and training strategies to your employees and to your pupils. Contact us to know our value proposal based on Trust, Effectiveness and Innovation. Based in Bogotá, Colombia.


Beijing Open-mindedness Technology Co., Ltd.

Beijing Open-mindedness Technology Co., Ltd. is the first Chinese Sakai Commercial Affiliate delivering Sakai development and support services. 
We provide a series of associated services for Sakai that include consulting service, customization development services, systems integration service, deployment services, operation services and training services in small, medium or large sized organizations.
We have a professional team and more than 10 years Sakai practice experiences to assist and facilitate educational organizations.

Entornos de Formación

Entornos de Formación is a Spanish company specialising in educational technology since 2007, that work with leading universities and large-scale institutions across six continents.

Entornos de Formación delivers knowledge, training and personal development for businesses and educational institutions by making use of information technologies. Our team is made up of opensource professionals (Sakai experts) who are well qualified to prepare our clients in each and every step involved in the process of training. We provide consulting, instructional design, as well as the services and expertise of TI designers and analysts for implementing both complex integrations and ad hoc functionalities. 

Blindside Networks

Blindside Networks started the BigBlueButton project in 2008 with one goal: to provide remote students a high-quality online learning experience.

BigBlueButton is an open source web conferencing system for online learning. It enables teachers to engage remote students with real-time sharing of audio, video, presentation, chat, desktop, and polls. BigBlueButton has deep integrations with Sakai via the Sakai Meetings Tool.

Blindside Networks provides commercial hosting and support for BigBlueButton to the Apereo community.