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The Sakai community is comprised of individuals and institutions that share a common commitment to enhancing teaching, learning and research. This commitment is reflected in how community members come together to pool knowledge, define the needs of academic users, create and share software tools, and support adoption of the Sakai project. Participation from more than 350 of the world’s leading institutions lends creativity, stability and longevity to this effort.

A Network of Experts, Colleagues and Mentors
Sakai isn’t just about software. As you reach into the community for partnership, it becomes a tremendous experience in networking, interaction and professional development. Smart, diverse thinkers from both technical and non-technical backgrounds combine expertise and find ways to create and implement great ideas. 

Sakai adopters participate in the Apereo Foundation’s Regional Communities and Communities of Interest to facilitate collaboration within geographic and professional interest areas. Sakai is both a platform for collaboration and an enriching experience in global collaboration with peers to produce ongoing value for the community. 

Community Support for Collective Success 
As a community-source solution, Sakai evolves to keep pace with the organic needs of its higher education community. Each day, community members share thousands of interactions to build and improve software, post and respond to help requests, and collaborate on projects. A community-driven quality assurance process means Sakai adopters don’t have to wait on vendor release cycles to fix bugs or make enhancements. The community offers technical assistance through email lists, wiki sites and a network of peers who are willing and able to assist. 

Transparency is a particular strength of the Sakai Community. Frank discussions in open forums mean community members know what is happening with core systems and tools, from bug tracking to enhancement design. A spirit of joint ownership pervades everything we do, along with the recognition that we are all in this together as Sakai adopters. 

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