Group photo from Sakai Camp 2017 in Orlando

Sakai is a virtual community and we often meet online through email, and in real time through the Apereo Slack channel and web conferences. We have so many meetings that we need a Sakai calendar to keep track of our meetings.  (Blog post image is from SakaiCamp 2017 in Orlando, FL). 

But sometimes, meeting online is just not good enough! We need to get together in person to generate ideas, develop plans, and accelerate the rate of improvement in the product, and strengthen the connection of relationships in our community. Recently a small group of us met at Marist College and we kicked off the Sakai 12.0 QA (quality assurance) planning on Thursday, August 10. It was a small group, less than 20 in all (including intrepid Marist student workers), but it was effective and boosted us on our way to creating a QA Test Strategy (which we are fleshing out, as I write). 

Upcoming opportunities to collaborate in person include:

All of our events are 100% open, by higher ed, for higher ed. (neither All Things Open nor ELI are our events of course, just related to teaching, learning and open source).