The latest buzz on Sakai 11.3, Sakai 12.0 and the Samigo Extended Delivery feature.
Samigo Test and Quiz Extended Delivery feature is targeted for Sakai 12. Sakai 11.3 we would like to release in the next several weeks. And Sakai 12? Time to develop our Sakai 12 "Story" and target a release before summer. 
Samigo Extended Delivery
Samigo Summary:
Sakai Core team is now thinking this should be a feature for Sakai 12, and not backported to Sakai 11 (originally this feature was targeted for 11).
Samigo Details:
For those who don't know know the Samigo Extended Delivery dates feature allows an instructor to make one or more exceptions to the delivery dates and amount of time to take an exam for individuals or for groups, or a mixture of individuals and groups. This is a lot of flexibility for the instructor to make exceptions based on a number of circumstances (e.g. extra time for learning disabilities or special circumstances for a particular student, etc). And, it works with the Auto submit feature for those schools who turn this feature on (off by default). 
Samigo Extended Delivery has been much anticipated. But due to it's complexity it is becoming apparent that it needs more time for development and QA testing cycles to deliver a high quality feature. And, due to extensive changes, it is becoming more and more risky to merge back into the Sakai 11 branch. Therefore the Core team is thinking that this should be a feature for Sakai 12 and not backported to the 11 branch.
Sakai 11.3
11.3 Summary:
Since the Core team is thinking that this it is not realistic to include the Samigo Extended Delivery Feature (see above), there seems to be no reason not to release Sakai 11.3 within the next several weeks, plus or minus.
Also, the quicker the team completes the 11.3 release, the quicker it can focus more completely on Sakai 12.
11.3 Tentative Schedule:
RC01 (first release candidate) scheduled for February 10.  Release within 2 or 3 weeks after that. 
11.3 Translations/Localization:
My understanding is that communities using Transifex more easily can keep up with translations. However, Earle volunteered to see if there is an easy way to identify string changes for communities not using Transifex. If that works, we will share that information on sakai-dev. 
Please get your translations done within the next week or so if possible!
11.3 QA:
Over the next week or so, QA should focus on verifying Jiras [1] that could be merged into the 11 branch, not including Jiras which are connected with Samigo Extended Delivery, and therefore won't be merged.
11.3 fixes:
114 fixes so far  [2].
Sakai 12.0
12.0 Summary:
Tentatively planning to branch near the end of February 2017. Please get your features into Sakai master as soon as possible and/or please advise the Core team of your plans so that they can be assessed and considered for the 12 release!
12.0 Scope:
NB: Still being defined.
Possible "Story" discussed at SakaiCamp includes:
  • "Bullhorns" for user activity and social notifications
  • Integrated Rubrics (FARM project)
  • WCAG2 Accessibility statement, indicating as much as we can about the current state and progress being made. May not yet be at 100% WCAG AA and/or VPAT but community is showing commitment(s) to making progress.
  • App store: “100%” best pure standard integrations in the industry for our app store rather than proprietary integrations as done by some of our competitors
  • Samigo Extended Delivery for quizzes (see above for more details)
  • Sakai12 smooth upgrade. Should be much easier to transition from 11 to 12 than many earlier major upgrades.
  • Tagging samigo questions.Tag service for organizing and discovering questions in pools. 
  • Agile release delivery (editor's note: not sure what this means but is in SakaiCamp notes.)
  • A new default skin (based on NYU sexy skin) - "user enchantment"
Strawperson still in development [3].
Team still balancing idea of "timeboxed" release (i.e. prioritize schedule over scope) and desire to include many of the features mentioned. TBD (to be determined). 
Sakai 12.0 Schedule:
* Branching by end of February 2017
* Would ideally like a 12 release by May. 
* Action - Neal to create a strawperson 12 schedule for community to review.
P.S. More details and plans that came out of SakaiCamp should be available soon. :-)
Thanks for your ideas, energy, input, work, and attention!
[1] Test in Trunk/Master for 11 merge (not including issues related to the new Samigo Extended Delivery feature) -
[2] Jira fixes already in Sakai 11.3 -