Le'ts celebrate an amazing and successful release of Sakai 11 !  We did this together and we can celebrate together, across the world. 
Between the dates of September 12 - 21, tweet away on Twitter with the hashtags #sakaiproject and #turnitupto11 to enter a fun contest. 
First five tweets with hashtags #sakaiproject #turnitupto11 win a $10 Amazon gift card
Additional awards - also using #sakaiproject #turnitupto11, win up to $25 Amazon gift card for creative ways to promote Sakai 11, show community spirit, showcase our international presence, have humor or creativity, or surprise us!
Vote for your favorite tweets - "like" your favorite tweets to give it "votes".  Votes will be taking into consideration in awarding the prizes. 
The first five tweets are eligible for additional awards. Apereo Foundation employees are not eligible for prizes (sigh from Neal ;-), but I can still tweet! ). 
Where to buy gear - Wearing shirts or caps, or drinking coffee from your Sakaiger mug, are great ways to show community spirit. A CafePress site [2] has Sakai gear, from which the project receives royalties. And there is a Lands End store [1] from which you can purchase high quality gear right now with an embroidered Sakai log or Sakaiger (though no royalties for our project). 
We may ask if you will be willing to sign release forms and send us any original artwork or photos you create so that we may use them to further promote Sakai (optional, not required for contest).
[1] Lands End store - high quality embroidery, but no money back to Apereo -  https://business.landsend.com/store/apereo/
[2] Apereo CafePress site - Apereo does receive a royalty on purchases -  http://www.cafepress.com/apereo