The Sakai core team is planning a Beta release the week of May 9, 2016. A Beta release is feature complete and within striking distance of an RC01, our first release candidate. We are anticipating having an RC01 shortly after Open Apereo 2016 and an expected release date in late June. 
We are exploring ways to measure our QA effort. We have a spreadsheet that shows the status of testing [1] ; we have a self reporting Badge process with a leaderboard [2]; and we are asking for an estimate on hours expended on QA testing (please send to the Sakai community coordinator [3]). So far we have 4 institutions reporting back  1840 hours of QA (with Marist College logging by far and away the most hours. Thank you Marist! Of course we also owe thank you's to many institutions for many different kinds of contributions like development, feature contributions, community leadership, help documentation and more. Coming soon.)
[1] Sakai 11 test spreadsheet -
[2] Sakai QA Badge Leaderboard (based on self reporting qa effort) -
[3] Please report your institution's approximate number of hours put into QA testing to , or to the Sakai qa planning team -