Downloading Sakai

Pre-Built Binary: The Sakai Binary is a pre-built version of Sakai without Apache Tomcat, jar dependencies, or extra configuration files.

Try this if: You want to just drop the Sakai bundle into a pre-existing Tomcat environment for a quick, DIY demo. Use this version to evaluate the software or run a small pilot. It is not intended for large scale implementations.
Installation instructions
Installation instructions

Source Code: Source code is the full software, recommended for developers and technical administrators.

Try this if: You want to look under the hood, deploy a larger-scale instance, or plan to make any code-level changes to your Sakai system.

Sakai has transitioned to Git and Github for Sakai 11 and later, but still is supporting Subversion for source code control of Sakai 10. 

View the release information for more details on:

  • Documentation and Development Environment Setup
  • System Requirements
  • Getting Started
  • Issue Tracker
  • Older Releases

Git source code control:

Run the command mvn clean install javadoc:javadoc in your source code directory (above). The javadocs will be in the target/site/apidocs directory.