The UVACollab Applications Group, which manages the instance of Sakai that serves the University of Virginia, has begun an exciting project to redesign its site creation and tool management workflows. Working with Journey Group, an editorial design firm with extensive experience in education, non-profits, and other industries, the UVACollab team has prepared a preliminary prototype featuring new layouts and options—including a “build assistant” that leads the user through the site creation process in a simple, question-and-answer format—and has conducted focus groups with faculty, staff, and students to gather more information about their needs as the project moves forward. 

In the next stages of the project, Journey Group will prepare new designs for the various aspects of the workflows while the UVACollab team prepares new content, such as significantly enhanced tool descriptions that will provide more illustrations of the power and possibilities included in every tool available in Sakai. 

Team members Trisha Gordon and Matthew Burgess will give a detailed overview of the project, along with updates on its progress, as part of an interactive presentation at Open Apereo 2018. Visit the Conference Program to learn more: