We are finally here! A big milestone has been reached with the branching of Sakai 12.0. What is a "branch"? A branch means we've taken a snapshot in time of Sakai and put it to the side so we improve it, mostly QA (quality assurance testing) and bug fixing until we feel it is ready to release to the world and become a community supported release. We have a stretch goal from this point of releasing before the end of this year, 2017. 

Sakai 12 builds on the amazing work of Sakai 11 and includes:

  • Improvements to the skin: overall look and feel, which started with the removal of iframes and the addition of a new skin in 11
  • Improvements to "morpheus": our responsive design effort which was introduced in Sakai 11 and improved in 12. Sakai runs well on any device, including iPads and mobile phones
  • Continued improvements to the gradebook: with spreadsheet like entry, introduced in 11
  • Support for IMS Content Item, with a new "Shopping Cart" icon ubiquitously in the Sakai rich text editor, for easy placement of external tools and data in a course site. 
  • Chat tool sports a new interface
  • Assignments backend refactoring for functional and performance improvements
  • Test and Quiz tool has new tags for easy organization of question banks based on discipline or other instructor defined criteria
  • New convenient social and academic notifications through "bullhorns"
  • Ongoing improvements to accessibility features of Sakai, with plans for an independently audited WCAG 2.0 AA certification and a VPAT certification
  • And more... 

We will keep you posted.

P.S. We always appreciate bug fixes from developers and QA testing from Sakai users and boosters. You are invited to join us. 100% open, by higher ed, for higher ed.