Even though we have release notes [1], I was wondering if it would be helpful to make a blog post about our maintenance releases. Also motivated by the fact that in 11.2 we had to turn off one of the new features of Sakai 11 for the mobile view, and thought that would be important to communicate. This blog post is really about both Sakai 11.1 and Sakai 11.2 since combined there are 350 improvements since the 11.0 release on 23 July 2016. 

What are the top three things you should know about our maintenance fixes?

    •    41 blocker priority issues and 2 security issues were fixed when looking at the two releases combined, 11.1 and 11.2 . Blocker priority is the highest level priority assigned to an issue. After being discovered, the maintenance release could not be completed until these blocker issues were resolved. Blockers prevent core functionality from behaving properly and for that reason upgrading is important. Also 37 critical priority issues were addressed, the next highest priority level. And as I mentioned above, 350 total improvements!
    •    Sakai 11.2 is now the current maintenance release, released 11 November 2016, and is the best community supported release of Sakai available.
    •    One feature has been disabled on mobile devices starting with 11.2 , though we should try and get this fixed as soon as we can for a future community release. The PA Tool is an administrative tool that allows creation and management of public announcements to published on your Sakai system. Long messages, in addition to non-dismissible messages, are a problem on mobile  (SAK-31773). For this reason it has been turned off in Sakai 11.2, just for mobile.  A Jira has been created to get it fixed for a future maintenance version (SAK-31910).

Specific Issues

While it would be too lengthy to go through every fix and improvement, I’m hoping it will be useful to you if I highlight some issues that might catch your attention and I recommend perusing the full list of fixes yourself. If you need help filtering on particular tools, we do have that mostly broken down in a section of our release notes as well [2].

Maintenance releases are primarily that, for fixes and bugs, sometimes enhancements, limited in scope and size, are allowed in. I’ll list them separately.


What are all the strange numbers that follow below, like SAK-31773 or SAM-2899 ?  They are unique reference numbers that allow one to look at more details about a particular issue or feature in our issue tracking system, Jira by Atlassian. You can use them to look up the details of an issue either by going to and searching on these values.  Or you can even search using Google by typing in the word Sakai followed by (or preceded by) the issue id. 

NB: Gradebook issues are being tracked in Github Issues [4] and not Jira. The community is discussing which one to pick for the long term, so for now we have two systems. For Gradebook issues, I simply included a direct URL link to the issue.  

NB: To make it clearer I included the fix version followed by a colon with each issue below.

    •    11.1: Improved usability of Question pool interfaces in Samigo Test and Quizzes - SAM-2899
    •    11.1: Export assessments to markup text (in addition to existing QTI and Content Packaging options) - SAM-2705
    •    11.2: Return to Published copies tab after editing a Published Assessment - SAM-3007
    •    11.2: LTI plugin tools - option to have them shown in Site Info by default (for non-stealthed tools)  - SAK-30371
    •    11.2: Roster - change in workflow.  Click on a roster entry (e.g. a student) pops up the profile window for the student. - SAK-30336
    •    11.1: More fine grained variables to ease custom skin development (i.e. what Sakai looks like, colors used for buttons, etc). - SAK-31402
    •    11.1: Resource Web Links now has option for copyright notice to external content - SAK-30739
    •    11.2: Add ability to expand and collapse sections in Lessons - LSNBLDR-636
    •    11.2: Ability to edit subpage date release settings on parent page in Lessons - LSNBLDR-579
    •    11.2: New “Checklist” type feature in Lessons - LSNBLDR-540
    •    11.2: Custom indent or add CSS (style sheet) for items on a Lessons page - LSNBLDR-586


Blocker priority issues [3] :

A subset of some I think might particularly be of interest :
    •    11.2: Fixes with the new Hotspot Question type  - SAM-3048, SAM-3046, SAM-3044
    •    11.2: Change the autosave delay and message display in CK Editor (Rich Text Editor) - SAK-31712
    •    11.2: Only the first student recording audio will succeed. All other students, it failed. - SAK-31856
    •    11.2: Sitestats functionality (new feature in 11.0) in Lessons failed on Oracle instances. SAK-31785
    •    11.2: Cannot add multiple providers when creating or updating groups. - SAK-31905
    •    11.1: Zero sites found via the Find Sites tool on gateway page. - SAK-31647
    •    11.2: Error saving favorites (starred sites) if user does not have a preferences record - SAK-31764
    •    11.1: Can only access 16 tools on a Mobile phone - SAK-31657
    •    11.2: Import from Site not working for Gradebook (now known as “Gradebook Classic” - SAK-31420
    •    11.2: Null Pointer Exception In Grades of “Group Submission” assignment. - SAK-31853
    •    11.1: Exception editing question in a published assessment - SAM-2984
    •    11.2: Fix to extra credit in Gradebook - and

I hope this is a useful summary. More complete release notes are available at .  Technical Notes which are linked off of the main Release notes page, contain details for each of the maintenance releases. Feedback to sakaicoordinator at is welcome.

[1] Sakai 11 release notes -

[2] Sakai 11 technical release notes. Notice the links to Sakai 11.1 - bugs fixed in the maintenance release, and also an analogous link for Sakai 11.2 .  These provide break downs of issues by tool. -

[3] For a complete list of Blocker priority fixes (except for Gradebook) in 11.1 and 11.2:

[4] To review Gradebook fixes:
    1.    Point your browser to -
    2.    To the right of the Filters drop down paste in one of these strings:
    1.    For 11.2 - is:pr is:closed milestone:"11.2" label:"merged 11x"
    2.    For 11.1 - is:pr is:closed milestone:"11.1" label:"merged 11x"