Learning Management

Instructors and learners share knowledge, collaborate and engage in a wide spectrum of technology-enabled learning experiences, supported by an intuitive, modern user interface.

Learning Management with Sakai

Often the most powerful learning experiences involve collaboration between students and instructors. Whether instruction takes place face-to-face, online or in a blended environment, the Sakai project supports teaching and learning that is grounded in collaboration, co-creating and open sharing of knowledge. 

A Uniquely Flexible Learning Environment
Each Sakai deployment is unique, as every adopter institution creates its own look, feel and configuration within a standardized, well-structured learning environment. For instructors, the Sakai project offers tremendous flexibility to incorporate a wide variety of learning tools and technology-enabled instructional approaches. Most faculty members and students experience a minimal learning curve getting started with standard features: syllabi, course content, lessons, assignments, tests, and so forth. Sakai’s built-in collaboration suite also encourages team-based learning, flipped classrooms, and other modes of instruction that engage students actively and deeply in the learning process.  

Learn more about how Sakai supports teaching and learning:

  • Sakai Features and Functionality: Sakai's standard set of “Core Tools” provides versatile support for teaching and learning, communication, collaboration, eportfolios, content and media integration, and administration. 
  • Extending the Sakai project:  It’s easy to extend Sakai using contributed tools from the Sakai community or by integrating learning tools of choice using common industry standards.
  • Language Support: Sakai can be deployed in more than 20 languages, with language preference selectable at both the system and course/project site levels.
  • Sakai Stories: Organizations around the world are using Sakai to support a variety of different instructional approaches
  • Who’s Using Sakai for Learning Management? Colleges and universities worldwide rely on Sakai to support world-class teaching and learning. 
  • Assignments

    Create or grade online and offline assignments

  • Calendar

    Maintain deadlines, activities and site related events

  • Chat

    Engage in real-time conversations with site participants

  • Discussion Forum

    Create moderate and manage discussion topics, groups and private messages

  • Drop Box

    Share files privately with site participants

  • Gradebook

    Calculate, store and distribute grade information to students.

  • News

    Display custom news content from dynamic online sources via rss

  • Profile 2

    Create a profile and content with others using a social networking model

  • Resources

    Post, store and organize material related to the site

  • Site Roster

    View a list of site participants and their pictures

  • Syllabus

    Post a summary outline of course requirements

  • Test and Quizzes

    Create and manage online assesments

  • Wiki

    Create and edit web content collaboratively

  • Lessons

    Lessons allows an instructor to organize resources, activities, and media on a single page

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