From its inception, the Sakai project has been envisioned and designed for global use. Complete or majority-complete translations of Sakai are available in more than 20 languages listed below. Within Sakai, language preferences can be set at the system level and at the course or project site level, allowing foreign language instructors to set up course sites in the language they are teaching. 

•    Arabic
•    Basque
•    Catalan
•    Chinese (including localized versions for the People’s Republic of China and Taiwan)
•    German
•    Dutch
•    English (including localized versions for Australia, Great Britain, United States, New Zealand)
•    French (including localized versions for Canada, France)

•    Hindi

•    Indonesian 
•    Italian
•    Japanese
•    Korean
•    Mongolian
•    Malay
•    Polish
•    Portuguese (including localized versions for Brazil, Portugal)
•    Russian
•    Spanish (including localized versions for Spain, Mexico)
•    Swedish
•    Turkish
•    Vietnamese

Translation, internationalization and localization of the Sakai project are coordinated by the Sakai Internationalization/localization community. This community maintains a publicly-accessible report that tracks what percentage of Sakai has been translated into various global languages and dialects. If the software is not yet available in your language, you can translate it with support from the broader Sakai Community to assist you.