• With Sakai, you’re in good company. Sakai 10 is even better.

    A lot of great universities use Sakai.

    The Sakai project is the learning environment of choice for 350+ choice colleges and universities around the world. The new Sakai 10 release adds even more possibility to what can be done with Sakai.

    Sakai 10

  • Education is a global endeavor. So is Sakai.

    Sakai is a truly global solution backed by a truly global community.

    The Sakai community spans six continents and 15 countries, with Sakai available in more than 20 languages.

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  • Many institutions. Many faces. Many instructional styles. One Sakai.

    Sakai offers tremendous flexibility around look and feel, functionality, capabilities, etc. It can do pretty much whatever you want an LMS to do.

    By design, every institution makes Sakai its own. From look-and-feel to feature-function, the versatility is refreshing.

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  • How should technology enrich learning? That’s up to you.

    Educators are doing remarkable things with Sakai.

    Valencian Internacional University’s award-winning ICT in Education uses Sakai to help educators reimagine what’s possible with technology-enabled learning.

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  • Virginia Tech Sakai Story

    Faculty and Institutions Innovate with Sakai tools.

    The Pathways to Success program uses Sakai ePortfolio tools in an innovative way to balance large-scale institutional assessment with student-centered pedagogy and curriculum that is rooted within the disciplines.

    Sakai Story 


“Sakai provides us with the flexibility we need to offer a learning management system to support the teaching methodology at Oxford University. We can include best of breed products from other sources too, to offer a cutting edge platform for online learning.”

– Dr Stuart Lee, Deputy CIO, University of Oxford



Latest maintenance release is Sakai 10.7

Sakai 10 highlights include:

  • Scalability and performance Improvements, including distributed cacheing, providing support for JCache/JSR-107
  • Updated Security Improvements
  • Two new tools which help with scheduling of events (such as office hours) and delegated access
  • IMS LTI 2.0 - first learning system with support for the latest LTI spec. Makes integration with external tools easy.
  • Major improvements to Assignments, Test and Quizzes, Gradebook, Syllabus, Lessons (aka LessonBuilder)
  • Mobile device support improved through the addition and upgrade of robust APIs.
  • Elastic Search upgrade from 0.9.0 to 1.1.2 and removal of legacy Search
  • IMS Common Cartridge 1.3 support within Lessons. This makes IMS CC in Sakai capable of exchanging data with Moodle, Blackboard, and Canvas.
  • Security improvements
  • Accessibility improvements
  • Translations and i18n improvements - A number of updates to French and Chinese translations and about 1 1/2 dozen internationalization fixes including full i18n support in the Peer review feature of Lessons.
  • Assignments tool - Improved handling of deleted groups in the Assignments tool. Basic validation to Single Uploaded File option to prevent students submitting an empty assignment.
  • Forums tool - Performance improvement in Forums. Significant fixes to Forum Rank feature
  • Gradebook row highlighting, for easier grading.
  • Online Help - Ability to remove an entire help category (like OSP).

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  • Current Release

    Sakai 10 builds on the solid work of the Sakai 2.9.3 release. We have two new tool contributions, better support for audio and video using HTML 5, infrastructure improvements, about 50 security fixes, performance improvements, a number of new features, and close to 2,000 fixes!

  • Features

    The Sakai project provides a flexible and feature-rich environment for teaching, learning, research and other collaboration. As an open source software suite developed by its adopter community, the Sakai project continually evolves in step with the needs of the students, faculty members and organizations it serves. 

    Colleges, universities, governments and other organizations deploy Sakai’s rich toolset to expand the possibilities for technology-enabled learning across many facets of the educational experience.

  • How Open Works

    Sakai is open source Learning Management System software. Free to download. Free to modify.
    Free to use. Free to share.

    Sakai is developed and maintained by people who either work in, or serve the Higher Education sector. The community around Sakai works to make the environment more effective and better suited to the needs of their institutions. Community is central to the sustainability of Sakai.

    The Sakai code is freely available for anyone to download. It carries a license that grants users the right to deploy, modify and distribute the software at no cost and for any purpose.

Current Adopters of Sakai

  • University of Delaware
  • St. Catharine College
  • Wake Forest University
  • TDA Consultants, Inc.
  • University of Virginia
  • Kuyper College
  • The Mission Society
  • Lourdes College
  • Sabanci University
  • University of South Alabama
  • University of Limerick
  • ULAN Project
  • Georgia Tech
  • Newcastle University
  • Lancaster University
  • Xm Software Solutions
  • Universiteit van Amsterdam
  • New York University (NYU)
  • Universidad de Guadalajara
  • New Zealand BeSTGRID VRE
  • Washington & Jefferson College
  • Ohio Valley University
  • University of Toronto
  • Frosty Acres F. A. B.