Given the community-driven nature of the Sakai project, it can be difficult for people to know how to get information or where to direct inquiries about Sakai. Please review the list below to find the contact path that best fits your needs.




Send inquiries to the Developers mailing list with [a11y] in the subject line.

Becoming a member of the Apereo Foundation

Send inquiries to

Finding a Commercial Affiliate

Follow the links on the Commercial Affiliate's page to access the partner's direct website and contact information. For general inquiries about Commercial Affiliates use our Contact Form

Downloading Sakai source code

Follow instructions on the Download Sakai page.

Email lists

Visit this page and follow instructions to subscribe to email lists of interest.

Features, functions and capabilities

After reviewing the feature list, learn more by requesting a hands-on demo from a Commercial Affiliate. Or send inquiries on our Contact Form

Getting involved in the Sakai Community

Send inquiries to our Contact Form

Interntationalization, localization and language support

Visit the Regional and Language communities pages on or send inquiries to our Contact Form

News and announcements about Sakai

Subscribe to the announcements email list:

Product direction and roadmap

Send inquiries to our Contact Form

Reference calls with adopter institutions

Send inquiries to our Contact Form

Regional Sakai communities and discussion forums

Subscribe to email lists of interest:

Spanish Language

RFP or RFI related questions

The Sakai Community itself does not respond to RFPs or RFIs. However, you can request information from a Commercial Affiliate or subscribe and post questions to the User email lists

Technical Support for Students and Faculty using Sakai

Your home institution holds ownership over your Sakai instance. We at the foundation level cannot access student or faculty account information. Please contact the IT  help desk at your home institution. 

Technical Questions for Technical Contributors

First, research your issue on our community Wiki there may be a fix already availible for your issue or answer to your question. Be sure to check out the Programmer's Cafe to get started.

Second, join the dev-mail-list to ask questions, be sure to include specifics about your instance and hardware setup when posting questions to the list.

Other Questions or to contact the Sakai Community Manager? Please contact the Apereo Foundation staff using our Contact Form
Note: To subscribe to a Sakai email list, send an email to "[list_name]"

 Try Sakai

Test drive a free trial hosted by our commercial affiliates,
download and install locally, or check out the code.