Since its initial release in 2005, the java-based Sakai project has offered a flexible alternative to commercial learning systems that is designed, produced and managed by and for educational institutions.

Around the world, 350+ colleges, universities, governments and other organizations have deployed Sakai's rich toolset to expand the possibilities for technology-enabled learning across many facets of the educational experience. Sakai serves upwards of 1.25 million students in the U.S. and 4 million students globally. Sakai adopters include many of the world’s top-ranked colleges and universities contributing to the solution’s vision, roadmap and sustainable future.

A Vibrant Community Supporting Sakai
The community surrounding the Sakai project includes individuals, institutions and organizations worldwide that share a common commitment to enhancing teaching, learning and research. This commitment is reflected in how community members come together to pool knowledge, define the needs of academic users, create and share software tools and support each other adopting and using Sakai.

Since December 2012, the Sakai project has been part of the Apereo Foundation, which provides organizational and administrative support for a variety of projects and software communities serving higher education. The Foundation’s core mission is to assist and facilitate educational organizations which collaborate to foster, develop, and sustain open technologies and innovation to support learning, teaching and research.