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The Sakai Foundation

The Foundation serves the community, facilitating collaboration, development and effective practices.

The Foundation encourages community-building between academic institutions, non-profits and commercial organizations and provides its members and others with an institutional framework within which Sakai projects can flourish. The Foundation also works to promote the wider adoption of community-source and open standards approaches to software solutions within higher education.

Foundation staff coordinate software development, quality assurance and distribution activities for the community. Staff members oversee Sakai's intellectual property and track contributor agreements. They also provide technical support for both community members and potential adopters, speak at conferences and other gatherings about Sakai and manage Sakai's own conferences and meetings.

The Sakai Foundation is supported by voluntary partner contributions. Sakai Foundations member organizations elect the ten-member Board of Directors, which provide the strategic leadership for the Sakai Foundation.

See the current Board Members.

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