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Announcing Project Keitai


The proposal to develop a mobilized Sakai is now an official project of the Sakai Foundation. A steering committee made up of representatives from the University of Florida, Leaning Forward Technology LLC, University of Notre Dame, the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, and Oxford University will provide oversight for the project. 

With funding provided by the University of Florida, the mobile project targets four goals:

  1. To improve Entity Broker support for communication  and integration across all Sakai CLE tools as well as communication to and from external services , especially mobile devices.
  2. To enhance Core and selected Contrib tools to enable effective use of the Entity Broker for full functionality of Sakai on mobile devices of all kinds.
  3. To contribute all code developed under this project to Sakai 2.10 with possible back-porting to 2.9.
  4. To evaluate and maintain submitted code in future CLE point releases (2.11+).

Programming work will be contracted through Flying Kite, LLC with a target date of Summer 2013 for completion of the programming and submission of all code into community repositories.

More Information

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