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CLE for Learning Management

The Sakai CLE provides an environment for teaching and learning that is grounded in collaboration and open sharing of knowledge.

The Sakai community has identified a set of “core” capabilities that are adopted by virtually all institutions using Sakai. The community tests, manages, and maintains the core capabilities through the community release cycle. The core tools in the 2.7 release are listed below.

In addition, there is a large number of add-on tools, called “contrib” tools, available that have been developed by the community and are in use by many institutions.

CLE Features Supporting Learning Management

Announcements: Post current, time-critical information to a site.

Announcements screenshot

Assignments: Create and grade online or offline assignments.

Assignments screenshot

Blog: Provides blogging capability for your class

Blog screenshot

Calendar: Maintain deadlines, activities and site related events

Calendar/Schedule screenshot

Chat: Engage in real-time conversations with site participants

Chat screenshot

Discussion Forum: Create, moderate and manage discussion topics and groups within a course and send private messages to site participants.

Discussion screenshot

Drop Box: Share files privately with site participants

Drop box screenshot

Email Archive: Access an archive of email sent to participants

Email archive screenshot

Glossary: Provide contextual definitions for terms used on a site

Glossary screenshot

Gradebook: Calculate, store and distribute grade information to students

Gradebook screenshot

News: Display custom news content from dynamic, online sources via rss

News screenshot

Profile 2: Create a profile and connect with others using in a social networking model.

Profile 2 screenshot

Resources: Post, store and organize material related to the site

Resources screenshot

Site Roster: View a list of site participants and their pictures

Coming Soon

Site Stats: View site usage statistics regarding user visits, tool activity, and resource activity.

Site Stats screenshot

Syllabus: Post a summary outline of course requirements

Syllabus screenshotSyllabus Page

Tests & Quizzes: Create and manage online assessments

Tests & Quizzes screenshot

Web Page: Display external web pages

Web content screenshot

Wiki: Create and edit web content collaboratively

Wiki Page Title

Content test lispum


Wiki Screenshot

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another paragraph


Wiki Screenshot

caption goes here

another paragraph


Wiki Screenshot

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another paragraph


Wiki Screenshot

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