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2012 Jasig-Sakai Conference


Date:  10 Jun 2012 - 15 Jun 2012
Location:  Westin Peachtree Plaza in Atlanta, Georgia


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Tracks for the 2012 Conference

Awareness and Advocacy

Open Source Software, as a movement, dates back to February 2, 1998 (2/3/98), yet even today, almost 15 years later, awareness and adoption are often hindered by assumptions, misconceptions and a general lack of knowledge regarding open source development, support and implementation. Significant resistance can arise across campuses from non-technical stakeholders, unfamiliar with the open source ecosystem. Presentations discussing non-technical issues around awareness and adoption of open source (as opposed to specific OS applications) are welcome. These presentations might include: the introduction of open source options to your campus; the procurement process for identifying and evaluating options (commercial and open); approaches for addressing common and unique concerns; lessons learned in the implementation, etc.

Design and Development

Sharing is critical among communities creating open software. Please share development projects, design approaches, usability and accessibility improvement plans and projects. Topics may also include best practices in design and development approaches that could be incorporated into software in the future.

Deployment and Integration

Presentations for people who need to make applications work on campus: developers, content providers, team leaders, and evangelists. In particular, we would like to highlight work that integrates community source projects within enterprise infrastructure, and with each other.

Expanded Solutions

For most organizations open source software is one important component of a complex ecosystem of systems and tools supporting teaching, learning and research. Please share your experiences and successes integrating solutions to expand the benefit to your faculty and students.

Getting Started

Sessions for newcomers: from faculty to developers, administrators to trainers, students to tech support. Learn the steps to evaluate, plan, deploy, promote, and support software on your campus.

Leadership and Future Directions

Open software is an element within your broader strategy and goals. How are institutions using open software to achieve strategic goals? What changes and opportunities on the horizon should be influencing the direction of the community? What other trends, advances and challenges should become part of our community planning and dialogue?

Teaching, Learning, Portfolios and Research

Technology to improve the quality of teaching, learning and research.  Please share case studies of effective teaching, research and collaboration practices as well as new approaches to technology-enabled teaching and research.

Technical Management

Deploying, supporting and managing open software is critical to its success. Please share your best practices and approaches in creating and maintaining open software successfully for your users.