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Foundation Membership

Sakai Foundation members support both the foundation and the work of the community.

Sakai Foundation Partners Program

Program Overview

The Sakai Partners Program provides the institutional and organizational base for the Sakai Community. Sakai partners are dues-paying members of the Sakai Foundation who provide the intellectual, human and financial capital necessary to support both the foundation and the work of the community. Sakai partners participate in foundation governance; help determine priorities for the community; and work cooperatively in every phase of Sakai's software production process. Membership in the Sakai Partners Program is optional and is open to academic institutions, non-profits and commercial organizations committed to Sakai's community-source vision of open-source software development and distribution.

Sakai Foundation Membership Fee
  • Regular membership: $10,000 USD per year, renewable annually.
  • Discounted membership: $5,000 USD per year, renewable annually, for institutions of fewer than 3,000 Fall student enrollment.
  • Sakai Commercial Affiliate (SCA) membership: fees will be based on a sliding scale. Membership will be $2,000 USD per $1,000,000 USD in revenues. The minimum fee will be $2,000 USD and the maximum will be $10,000 USD. For existing SCAs, this pricing will apply at the time of their renewal.
Discounted three-year membership
  • A three-year membership is available at a 10% discount. Current membership dues for larger schools are $10,000 USD annually and the 3-year membership would be $27,000 USD. For schools at the $5,000 USD membership level, dues for a three-year membership would be $13,500 USD. This 3-year membership discount is also available to Sakai Commercial Affiliates (although a minimum of $2,000 USD annually would still apply).

For more detailed information, please review the Sakai Foundation Partner Agreement.

Ready to become a Partner?

If you are interested in becoming a partner or would like more information about the SPP please contact us using our  contact us form.