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Profile2 in 2.7


In announcing the set of Product Council decisions two weeks ago, I'd mentioned that Profile2 had been given an additional two weeks to resolve concerns about institutional commitment and its use of the TinyURLService. In this time the project lead, Steve Swinsburg of ANU, acquired the support of both Lancaster University and UFP, leaving only the service question.

The discussion about TinyURLService probably looked very technical from a distance, but I think it came down to coherence in the end. The TinyURLService is focused on a URL shortening scheme, but there are already services that take on similar problems, and TinyURL's approach does not tackle a more general issue of meaningful, human-readable URLs. It might serve some important use cases, but it was thought we needed more time to work out a compelling solution to this common problem.

In sum, Profile2 is going forward into 2.7 - it will be a valuable addition to Sakai - but in a form decoupled from the TinyURLService. Steve's agreed to do this, and we're now in a position to have a feature freeze for 2.7.

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