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Ja-Sakai Conference


A week ago I returned from a trip to Japan. Along with Chuck Severance and Janice Smith, I'd spent a few days in Japan, giving presentations at Nagoya University, and the Ja-Sakai conference at Kansai University in Osaka. Chuck presented his personal reflections on the history, impact and future of Sakai, and Janice on evolving portfolio practice. I provided an update on the state of the Foundation and the progress of the Open Academic Environment Project. In concluding I touched on issues around community aggregation and management of resource contribution, and highlighted the early stages of a conversation around improving mobile access to Sakai. These are both themes you’ll see more of here in coming months. My slides are available over at

Around sixty or seventy attended Ja-Sakai, which was remarkable in the circumstances. It was great to see so many present from institutions in Japan who are not current Sakai adopters, and also to see such a strong presence from one of our most recent Sakai Commercial Affiliates, Kanematsu Electronics. Kanematsu add tremendous value to our community by increasing the number of adoption choices for Japanese Higher Education.

I couldn’t conclude this note without offering my profound thanks to those who hosted us, and continued the organization of the event in enormously difficult circumstances. At the Ja-Sakai I offered the sympathy and best wishes of the Sakai Community to our Japanese colleagues, and the Japanese people. It seems entirely appropriate to repeat those wishes here.

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