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Financial Sustainability for Open Source Projects

Economies of scale was a critical reason to start the Sakai project. Several universities working together on software development could produce a final product much less expensively than each of us working on our own. (And, of course, build the software we wanted to use.) Because we could eliminate redundancy, aggregate costs would be lower, and the cost to each university would also be lower. This equation paid off for Stanford. We developed about 20% of the original Sakai code base, which meant that we received 80% of the product in return.

Mix and match Sakai 2 and Sakai 3 tools

I am very pleased to be able to share an important update with the Sakai community regarding the ongoing efforts to create a flexible migration path from Sakai 2 to Sakai 3. I have been blogging recently [1] [2] about the development of a new Basic LTI widget for Sakai 3.

Slide templates for 2010 Sakai Conference

A .zip file with Keynote, PowerPoint, and NeoOffice versions of slide templates for the 2010 Sakai Conference in Denver are available for download <>.

Coordinating the next phase of Sakai 3

Last week we kicked off a new project to bring the next generation of Sakai software, Sakai 3, to full production release. I'll post information about the project in formal channels. In this forum, I'd like to share my thoughts about the effort.

Sakai 3 Basic LTI Widget Passing Certification Tests

A quick blog post demonstrating Sakai 3’s new Basic LTI consumer passing the LTI certification test suite. You will get to see the first look at the new Sakai 3 widget but more importantly, you will see it passing 100% of the certification tests! This is a prelude to the screencast where the use of the BLTI widget will be used to expose Sakai 2 tools onto Sakai 3 pages as widgets. Stay tuned…

Campus Technology article "Moving to an Open Source LMS: 3 Stories"

Good article in today's Campus Technology (04/07/10) by Linda L Briggs looking at the adoption of Sakai by smaller schools who wanted to move from their proprietary LMS.

3rd Annual Ja-Sakai Conference Report

Status Update on Basic LTI Widget for Sakai 3

I am returning from a very productive trip to Japan to participate in the 3rd Annual Ja-Sakai Conference (which I will blog about shortly) – but I did want to provide a quick update on the progress I have made in developing the Sakai 3 Basic LTI consumer widget. In my previous post on this subject, Sakai 3 Basic LTI Widget Sprint, I outlined five action items:

Debates about Community Process

In the past month the Product Council has, for the first time, turned its attention to Sakai 3. It wasn't too long ago, in fact, that Sakai 3 first entered incubation from R&D. The Sakai 2 tools that the Product Council reviewed back in November and December emphasized the release gatekeeping role of the Council, which may have been a necessary start, but also perhaps a misleading one.

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